Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Dieting Works

So you decide to diet, reducing carbohydrates, calories or maybe both. Your body will continuously adjust through the process of dieting as well as exercising. Through this process, your blood glucose and insulin levels are going to be reduced. This is good as it releases the "block" on fat mobilization and causes blood fatty acid levels to increase. This is also good, as it tends to promote fat burning in tissues such as the liver and the muscles. This effect is facilitated if you deplete liver and muscle glycogen, as glycogen depletion tends to increase the use of fatty acids for fuel. The increase in blood fatty acid levels also has the short-term effect of causing insulin resistance. As I mentioned, this is a good thing on a diet since it spares glucose and helps promote fat oxidation. So keep low on those carbohydrates and fat calories to get positive results on your weight loss programs.

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