Monday, May 11, 2009

Increase your Energy

Many people complain about a loss of energy when they go on a diet. They may feel tired and weak and this is understandable because, on a high carbohydrates diet, they're also losing a lot of muscle and strength. Their body may be losing fat, but it's also losing its tone and spring. As well, the higher-carbohydrates levels lead to ups and downs of insulin levels and the consequent changes in mood and energy.

If you go back and forth between diets like some people have tried to do, the constant transitioning between high fat and high carbohydrates metabolisms will also really take it out of you.

By opting for the right diet program customized for you, you can retain your energy when the body makes a metabolic shift to burning fat for energy. You will know that the diet program is working for you, when you lose weight and find yourself energetic throughout the day.

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