Sunday, May 17, 2009


Alcohol can induce or exaggerate essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency states, and can block the metabolism for giving us the desired effects of fat burning. Most people don’t realize that not only alcohol is high on calories, but it also slows down our metabolism. Many alcoholics crave carbohydrates when they're not drinking. Though you'd expect the serotonin production in alcohol stimulated by a high carbohydrate meal to improve their mood, it doesn't. On the contrary, I've found that it creates a substantial deterioration of their mood in the longer run. The deterioration in mood makes it more likely that these alcoholics will begin drinking again. Alcohol also stimulates sleep for a short period but eventually the effects fade away. This causes deprivation of sleep and lethargy throughout the day. Try to avoid drinking alcohol when following any diet program as it will disrupt many variables that help you lose weight. If you are socializing, you can temporarily replace alcoholic drinks for a fresh (non-canned) orange or lemon juice.

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