Sunday, May 17, 2009

Keeping Track

Though you will find weight loss easier on your diet, you're still going to run into periods where the weight just seems glued on. You can't seem to take it off. At this point, many people panic. The fact is, these setbacks are very natural and you can't concern yourself with them too much.
In fact, the longer you're on any diet the harder it is to lose weight. There are several explanations for this. As you lose weight, you'll need fewer calories per day to function than when you were heavier. It's easy to see that an 1800-calorie diet will result in weight loss for a 110 Kg person but the same diet won't do much when you weigh 60 Kg. As you lose weight, you'll have to adjust calories to continue losing weight at the same level. Because the diet takes a more gradual approach to weight loss, this won't be as much of a problem for many people, but, still, at some point in the process you'll get to a level where it will become harder to lose. So keep track of your progress and increase your effort as your progress becomes minimal.

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