Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Fast Should I Lose Weight?

Most people have no idea what a reasonable weekly weight loss should be. They listen to some of the diet gurus and think they should be losing one or two pounds a day. In other cases, they've dieted before and found themselves starving their way to massive losses the first week or so before giving up and gaining it all back again when they found the diet impossible.

The fact is that almost anybody can lose 2-4 Kg the first week of a diet and many can lose half that amount in the second week. I've known people who required a very limited calorie diet losing as much as 12 Kg in the first two weeks. But this kind of diet is not for everyone.

As per your customized diet program, you should habituate to the diet, and then aim at losing around ½ to1 kg a week. Losing this amount makes for realistic goals and insures that you won't lose appreciable body tone as weight is dropped. After all, the point here is not just to lose weight but also to create an attractive and fit body.

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  1. Great Blog-people need to know that weight loss is safer and healthier when it come off slower. That also guarantees the weight is fat not muscle or water weight and finally it will stay off!