Sunday, May 17, 2009

When Do You Eat?

If you find yourself eating at 7 A.M., noon and 6 P.M. whether you're hungry or not you're probably doing yourself a disservice. You should eat when you're hungry, not by the clock. This may mean adjusting your meal schedule to eating at different times or simply eating several small meals during the day at times when hunger strikes as discussed earlier. If possible, you may want to change your lunch hour at work or snack briefly during the workday so you can eat when your stomach tells you to. Another factor you should keep in mind is that as the day progresses your metabolic rate slows down. So when you wake up, do not spend a lot of time before you consume your breakfast. This will jump start your engine and your metabolic rate will be at the maximum; thus helping your remain energetic and burn more calories throughout the day. In the evening, as your body comes to a rest, keep your dinners on a low calorie diet. Your body slows down during the night and a high calorie diet will only deter your program in losing weight.

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